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Our Savannah cat breeders have the knowledge and experience to produce beautiful exotic cats for sale. Browse our kittens available page for photos of the new arrivals.

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Ginger – F1 Female Savannah


Ginger has the absolute best personality. She loves everyone and doesn’t know a stranger. She has a beautiful exotic face and ears for days!

Ginger is an amazing girl. She has been in our home for many months and it is time for her to find a new one. She is very tall and has remarkable spots. She enjoys car rides and walking on a leash. She will cuddle up for nap time and enjoys a game of fetch.

Niklas – F2 Male Savannah

Oh my gosh this boy and his ears! Nitro has a very well-formed body with exceptional markings. The perfect blend of gold and black. He is clever and attentive and always wants to be by your side.

Viel – F3 Female Savannah


F3 Female Savannah

This girl is breath taking. Her coloring is so vivid with those marvelous spots on that warm coat. Ivie is a brilliant young kitten that is fun to be around and very lovable.

Dunker – F1 Male Savannah


F1 Savannah Male

Dunker is so adorable with that super pink nose, great contrast and wow look at those Ocelli marks! He loves snuggle time with his momma and is always down to explore.

Why Exotic Cattery?

Progressive – Innovative – TICA Registered

Knowledge Meets Experience

Combining a graduate degree in the animal sciences and over 20 years of feline breeding experience, our program has the knowledge base required to produce the most striking Savannahs in existence. Understanding animal behavior within the breed also has a learning curve. We would be naive to claim that we know it all, but we have more experience on our side over any other Savannah breeder. No worries about whether your breeder will still be around to help with any issues that may arise with your Savannah as it matures and even enters its later years of life.

Why We Do This

The creation of the Savannah breed has allowed the every-day person to capture a part of the wild and co-exist with it in their home. While the Savannah cat  maintains the body physique, extreme intelligence and athleticism, and striking coat pattern of the wild African Serval, the Savannah cat is a more manageable option that will bond with your family, as well as your other pets.

Quality Driven

We are a progressive, innovative, TICA registered cattery which continually strives to produce the highest quality domesticated companions. As the longest standing breeder of the ever-popular Savannah cat we offer the expertise and customer service that our clients deserve. Having the added advantage of time on our side has allowed us to surpass even our own expectations of how well we can maintain the Serval look and size in our Savannahs. Each time the next generation of matings are achieved our program is moved further forward on the quality spectrum.

Deciding to open your heart and home to a new pet is an important decision, as is choosing a breeder that you trust to be there for you for many years to come. At Exotic Cattery we strive to assist clients in choosing the kitten whose personality and characteristics will live up to their expectations. Get in touch with us today to discuss your future family addition!


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