Ginger – F1 Female Savannah


Ginger has the absolute best personality. She loves everyone and doesn’t know a stranger. She has a beautiful exotic face and ears for days!

Ginger is an amazing girl. She has been in our home for many months and it is time for her to find a new one. She is very tall and has remarkable spots. She enjoys car rides and walking on a leash. She will cuddle up for nap time and enjoys a game of fetch.


Exotic Cattery have the knowledge and experience to produce beautiful exotic cats. Browse our kittens available page. For photos of the new arrivals. New arrival of F1 Savannah cat.

F1 Savannah Cat

Have you wondered what it would be like to share your home with a Savannah cat and more specifically an F1 Savannah Cat?

The F1 Savannah Cat is Extreme

F1 Savannah cats are, in one word, EXTREME in every sense of the word. Extreme in their wild look, color, body type, intelligence, athleticism, energy level and overall wow-factor. In general, the F1 Savannah kitten is the largest of all Savannahs. With the greatest amount of Serval ancestry, the F1 Savannah cat most closely resembles its wild African Serval father. Like the Serval, they maintain the extreme leg length, svelte body physique and regal head and ears that sit atop a neck whose length is extreme in itself. F1’s can have between 50 and 75% Serval blood in them, while most will have 50-60%.

The Personality of an F1 Savannah Cat

Beyond the amazing look offered by the F1 Savannah cat, the dog-like personality is another truly amazing characteristic. Who doesn’t like to be greeting with a face full of love and admiration when they return home from a long day at work? Now envision that face belonging to an F1 Savannah kitten that will give you head butts and purrs and will follow you from room to room for the rest of the evening. What happens when you get up from your show to grab a drink and the cat didn’t notice you leave? You will hear about it! The cat will start calling for you with their wild ‘chirp’ vocalization and start searching the house for you. Once they find you, you will see the look of relief fill their eyes and an expression that says “Oh yay you’re still home!”

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