Muka – F2 Male Savannah


Muka is a diamond with that radiant and exotic look. His big black spots show up exceptionally well on that nice light background.

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F2 Male Savannah Cat

Exotic Cattery have the knowledge and experience to produce beautiful exotic cats. Browse our kittens available page. For photos of the new arrivals. New arrival of F2 male Savannah cat.

Living with an F2 male Savannah Cat

Living with an F2 Savannah cat is a rewarding and unique experience.  Like the F1’s, they are big, stunningly beautiful, highly intelligent creatures.  There are many similarities between the F1 and F2 male Savannah cats.  To start with, there is a lot of overlap in terms of size between the two generations.  Males will measure 16-18 inches at the shoulder and about 24 inches in length.  The difference comes in the build. They, in general, will be a stouter version of the F1’s; bigger boned, a more massive head, thicker necked and a little more middle.  With that, the F2’s will often outweigh the F1’s.  Most Exotic Cattery’s F2 Savannah cats will mature to be in a 20-25 pound range, with some individuals getting into the 25-30 pound range.  If the extreme Serval type is the most important factor when deciding which generation is right for you, than an F1 is your best choice.  However, if size is the most important factor, than the F2 Savannah cats should be a strong consideration, especially when considering the price difference.

F2 male Savannah Cat Color

What about color?  The F2 Savannah cats will maintain great contrast between their spots and basecoat and come in a wide range of color combinations.  While the F1’s are relatively standard, being mostly golden based and sometimes silver, the F2’s will run the spectrum from having a cool-neutral tan to a vivid orange base with inky black to cinnamon-brown spots.  They also come in silver tones and occasionally snow, smoke and melanistic.  The recessive marbled gene can also be expressed starting with the F2 male Savannah cats.



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