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Aline – F4 Female Savannah


F4 Female Savannah

Aline is a gorgeous golden girl with phenomenal spots. She is very curious and loves to snuggle already.

Alsace – F4 Female Savannah


F4 Female Savannah

Alsace has a fantastic dark color with amazing contrast and that black nose. She is such a joy to have as she always loves to play and snuggle. This girl is a keeper!

Belle – F3 Female Savannah


F3 Female Savannah

Belle is a charming golden girl with a cheerful attitude. She enjoys chasing the ball around and cuddling in your lap for a naptime.

Bright – F5 Female Savannah


F5 Female Savannah

Bright is a sweet and charming young kitten. She loves to curl up for nap time anytime she can get the chance. This girl has a long body with such an adorable face.

Bronze – F5 Female Savannah


F5 Female Savannah

Bronze is a spunky little thing with lots of love to give. She has a spectacular golden coat and ears for days!

Camila – SBT Female


SBT Female

Camila is a gorgeous golden girl that is very distinctly marked. She has that adorable pink nose with those giant ears. Camila is very sweet, playful, and loves a little adventure.

Chanel – F4 Female Savannah


F4 Female Savannah

Chanel is embellished with beautiful black spots and her coat has that brilliant golden tone. She has a warm, loving personality and is always up for playtime.

Chuks – F3 Male Savannah


F3 Male Savannah

Chuks is a very outgoing boy. He just loves to be held. His big ears and amazing markings make him stand out. Such a pretty boy.

Earl – F5 Male Savannah


Male Savannah

Earl is an F5 Savannah Male. Easton is a beautiful traditional savannah with that exotic look of a serval. He is a very sweet and cuddly young male.

F1 Savannahs


F1 Savannah Male

Dunker is so adorable with that super pink nose, great contrast and wow look at those Ocelli marks! He loves snuggle time with his momma and is always down to explore.

F1 Savannahs


Ginger has the absolute best personality. She loves everyone and doesn’t know a stranger. She has a beautiful exotic face and ears for days!

Ginger is an amazing girl. She has been in our home for many months and it is time for her to find a new one. She is very tall and has remarkable spots. She enjoys car rides and walking on a leash. She will cuddle up for nap time and enjoys a game of fetch.

F2 Male Savannah


Muka is a diamond with that radiant and exotic look. His big black spots show up exceptionally well on that nice light background.

F2 Male Savannah

Oh my gosh this boy and his ears! Nitro has a very well-formed body with exceptional markings. The perfect blend of gold and black. He is clever and attentive and always wants to be by your side.

F2 Savannah Female

Romance is a beautiful girl with such an exotic look. She has a very sociable and playful disposition to accentuate her remarkable appearance. She is extremely long and lean with that beautiful triangle head.

F2 Savannah Male

Lucian is a stunning young male kitten with awesome contrast. His long body is covered with nice black spots and his facial markings are exquisite. He is very adventurous and is always curious to see what you are up to.

F3 Female Savannah


F3 Female Savannah

This girl is breath taking. Her coloring is so vivid with those marvelous spots on that warm coat. Ivie is a brilliant young kitten that is fun to be around and very lovable.