Alsace – F4 Female Savannah


F4 Female Savannah

Alsace has a fantastic dark color with amazing contrast and that black nose. She is such a joy to have as she always loves to play and snuggle. This girl is a keeper!
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Characteristics of an F4 Savannah Kittens

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The F4 Savannah Kittens will be very similar to the F3’s. There is much overlap in terms of size, type and look between the F3, F4 and F5 Savannahs.

The F4 females will not lose size compared to the F3’s. They too will be 10-12 pounds and measure a couple inches taller and longer than a typical domestic cat. Not big cats, but taller and lankier in their body proportions than a domestic. The F4 males will usually fall in a 14-18 pound range and will appear to be 1.5 times the size of a domestic. While there are some domestic cats that weigh 15-20 pounds, it is on a smaller, more compact frame. An F4 Savannah Kittens weighing 17 pounds is going to look considerably larger than a domestic cat weighing 17 pounds.

Color of the F4 Savannah Kittens

The color of the F4 Savannah Kittens should be very similar to that of the F3. The variety of color options are the same. In general though, the coloring tends to lose some of the vibrancy that is found in the higher generations. Once again, there will be considerable variation in quality from breeder to breeder. Along with the quality variation will come a price variation. It is at this point that some will occasionally be available in a $500 range. However, to get one that resembles the wild ancestry as much as possible, buyers will generally have to spend more.

The body type of the F4 Savannah Kittens will also be similar to that of the F3. Some will be extremely typey, while others within the same litter will lean more towards that of the domestic cat, being a little shorter legged, rounder faced and thicker middled. Unfortunately, it is difficult to gauge an individuals body type until they are 8-10 weeks of age and a lot of kittens are already spoken for by this age. In general, many of the F4 Savannah Kittens will give up overall substance, appearing frailer and more refined. Some may consider this typey, but the Serval is not a frail featured cat.

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