Chuks – F3 Male Savannah


F3 Male Savannah

Chuks is a very outgoing boy. He just loves to be held. His big ears and amazing markings make him stand out. Such a pretty boy.


F3 Savannah Cat / Available Savannah cats

The F3 Savannah Cat is the Perfect Balance

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The sweet spot. If there is such a thing, the F3 Savannah cat is the sweet spot within the breed for most families. They are not going to be as big as the F1’s or F2’s and they are not going to be as extreme in their wild look. They are going to be amazing looking, intelligent, athletic animals that can go into most any home environment and thrive.

Size of the F3 Savannah Cat / Available Savannah cats

The F3 Available Savannah cats will range from domestic cat size in the females to 15-20 pounds and 1.5-2 times the size of a typical domestic cat in the males. Many people assume that the F3 females are going to be big cats. This is not the case. They will maintain the taller, lankier body type, but they will not be big cats. Most will measure a couple inches taller and longer than a domestic cat. The males will be good size cats that are impressive to most. However, they will not be as big as the F1’s and F2’s.

As the amount of wild blood continues to be diluted there will be more variation in the look of the cats. Most F1 and F2 litters will be fairly consistent in terms of body type. In the F3 Available Savannah cats there can be variation within litters – some being extremely typey, while others take on more of the domestic body shape, being a little shorter legged and rounder faced. As the Savannah breed itself ages and there are more generations of thoughtful breeding in the background this type variation continues to become less prevalent.