Serena – Serval Female


Serval Female

Serena is a sweet girl that loves to play. When she is not discovering new things she is looking for something. Always going, always curious.

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Serval Cats available | Servals, Servals For Sale UK

Serval cats are wild cats native to Africa, characterized by a slender build, long legs, small head, large ears, and a coat with golden-yellow to buff coloration spotted and striped with black. They are medium-sized cats weighing between 9-18 kg and standing 54-62 cm at the shoulder.

Servals are solitary carnivores that prey on rodents, birds, frogs, insects, and reptiles using their excellent sense of hearing. They have overlapping home ranges of 10 to 32 km² and are vulnerable to predators like hyenas and African wild dogs.

While serval cats may seem exotic and appealing as pets due to their unique appearance, it is important to note that they are wild animals with specific needs and instincts. Servals retain their wild behaviors even when bred in captivity and do not make good house pets. They are strong, fast, have an incredible capacity for jumping, and can be difficult to contain in a home or enclosure setting.

Serval cats for sale

Exotic Cattery have the knowledge and experience to produce beautiful Exotic cats. Browse our kittens available page for photos of the new arrivals. New arrival of Serval cats available.

The serval cat is a beautiful animal that some people keep as an exotic pet. Therefore, you can keep them as Pets. Because you may be able to acquire a Serval cat/kittens from a breeder, we do not forget that they remain wild cats.

Besides that, to own a Serval cat, you must create a large, secure outdoor enclosure and provide a warm environment year-round because they are nocturnal, and have been known to jump out of fenced areas or dig out under fences.. Most importantly they will need to feed on whole prey food items. You will have to provide veterinary care from an experienced exotic vet.

The Serval cat / kitten breed overview

  • Size: Females weigh 15 to 26 pounds; males weigh 20 to 40 pounds; height of 21 to 26 inches.
  • Coat and Color: Golden yellow to buff with black spots and stripes
  • Life Expectancy: 15 to 20 years in captivity

Diet and Nutrition

Serval cat / kitten use their sight and hearing more than their sense of smell to find their prey. They often play with their food before eating it. Servals are highly intelligent cats. When feeding them, a game or puzzle that makes the cat problem-solve will cause the meal to be more rewarding for them (this is called enrichment).

In the wild, servals eat whatever is available, which makes providing the most natural diet as pets difficult. You may not necessarily have access to everything Africa has to offer wild servals, but rodents, rabbits, birds, fish, insects, reptiles, and frogs are all readily available to provide a varied diet of protein sources. Whole prey should be offered but don’t be alarmed if your serval eats so fast that he regurgitates everything right back up.

Are serval good pets?

Serval cats are not suitable as household pets. They are wild animals native to Africa that require vast, fully enclosed outdoor spaces, a specific diet consisting mainly of raw meat, and a lifestyle that is impossible to recreate in a typical home environment. Servals are intelligent, athletic, and independent, making them difficult to train and contain. They are prone to escaping, which poses dangers both to themselves and to the public. Furthermore, serval ownership is restricted or banned in many jurisdictions worldwide.

Therefore, it is strongly advised against keeping serval cats as pets. Instead, those interested in these beautiful animals should support reputable conservation efforts or view them at accredited facilities like zoos or large cat sanctuaries.

Is it legal to own serval cat?

Owning a serval cat as a pet is subject to legal restrictions in various states and countries. In the United States, servals are illegal to own in many states, while others require special licensing or permits. It is crucial to check your state and local laws before considering the purchase of a serval cat to ensure compliance with legal requirements. Even in states where ownership is allowed, servals are not recommended as pets due to their wild nature, specific care needs, and potential dangers they pose to owners and the public.

It is essential to prioritize the well-being of these wild animals and consider supporting conservation efforts or visiting them at accredited facilities rather than attempting to keep them as pets

How we are different / Servals, Servals For Sale UK

Exotic Cattery is one of the longest-standing breeder, single-owner cattery of Savannah cats, having more than 20 years of feline breeding experience and more scientific knowledge than any other breeder in the world.

Only the Highest Quality Savannah Cats / Servals, Servals For Sale UK

Our program is focused on producing the highest-quality domesticated cats, achievable because of our unique combination of the knowledge base, education pertinent to this field, and years of experience deciphering what genetic combinations work best to set the standard. Our program has been built on a strong academic foundation in animal science, nutrition, genetics, and research. With every new generation of matings, our program moves up in excellence. We are a forward-thinking, innovative, TICA registered cattery.

We Are Committed to Education

In addition, we continue to seek education on matters that will strengthen our program going forward and share this learned knowledge through our blog. Cattery health and feline nutrition are at the forefront of our ongoing research and education. After scouring the web for research articles and information on important topics, we follow up by visiting with the leading veterinarians and scholars at programs such as the University of California, Davis, Texas A&M University, and Cornell University to confirm the data found and the best way to put it to use within our program.


We’ve become a trusted breeder based on our strong reputation among enthusiasts and the cattery community for delivering healthy, happy, and most striking Savannahs spanning the globe.

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