Luxe – F3 Male Savannah


F3 Male Savannah

Luxe is a cheerful and outgoing boy!! His coat is marked with vivid black spots and he has those nice facial markings.

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F3 Savannah Cat Colors / Savannah Cat Breeders Europe

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Like the F2’s, the color of the F3 Savannah cats will vary greatly.  From cool-neutrals to firey oranges, silver, snow, melanistic and smoke. The marbled pattern will also be expressed on occasion.  It is in the third generation the quality from one breeder to the next will become apparent.  Browsing Savannah Cat Breeders Europe from website to website the coat quality can vary drastically.  The amount of Serval blood in the individuals can also vary quite a bit.  On the low end F3’s will have as little as 12.5% Serval in them.  On the high end they can have almost as much Serval blood as an F2.

A Golden Personality / Savannah Cat Breeders Europe

The personality of the F3 Savannah cat is golden.  They make great pets / Exotic Kittens & Cats for the family that has a lot going on in the home and a lot of people in and out. Savannah Cat Breeders Europe confirm that F3 Savannah cat will bond to the entire family, be hands-on social with young children and will even be somewhat of a lap cat.  They are adaptable to change and accepting of visitors.  Most will interact with visitors within five to ten minutes and therefore allow the visitors to pet them.  It takes more to shake the psyche of the F3 Savannah cat.  New pets, or other changes in the home is something that they will more readily accept than the F1’s and F2’s.

Most importantly, the F3 Savannah cat is considered the sweet spot because they are the generation that is able to maintain as much of the wild look and size, combined with a personality and confidence that can adapt to most any home environment. Browse our list of Exotic Kittens & Cats available because Our Savannah cat breeders have the knowledge and experience to produce beautiful exotic cats for sale.



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